Who we are


The B&B is run by volunteers from the San Nicolas Onlus Association, with the aim of helping economically the missions of Operation Mato Grosso, in favor of the less well-off people in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia.

The B&B Torre nel Chianti or “La Torre”, as we called it from the very beginning, is the result of two years of renovations that committed us tirelessly together with our families, friends and professionals who donated their time for this dream.

Now we are ready, we know how high the expectations are for a vacation of a few days, a week or more and we want to offer you our best service to make this happen. We are pleased to inform you that all proceeds excluding management expenses will be used to support the poorest people in Latin America. There are dozens of our friends who are also volunteers, providing help, assistance and training in our missions (hospitals, schools, parishes, oratories, facilities for disabled people, orphanages …).

If you want to get to know us and learn more we are at your disposal:

www.artesanosdonbosco.org  – www.donbosco3a.it  –  info@torrenelchianti.eu